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Global Journal of Psychology and Mental Health

Open Access - Publications

ISSN NO: 1234-5662 | VOLUME: 1 - ISSUE: 1-2024


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Global Journal of Psychology and Mental Health

Global Journal of Psychology and Mental Health (GJPMH) is a globally accessible, open-access, and peer-reviewed publication that serves as a prominent platform for exceptional papers across a wide spectrum of psychological disciplines. These encompass Analytical Psychology, Behavioral Genetics, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive/Cognitivism, Criminal Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Educational Psychology, Neuro Psychology, Positive Psychology, Reverse Psychology, Social Psychology, and Spiritual Psychology. Our editors is committed to providing exceptional editorial support, rapid publication, and maximum exposure for your research paper. 

Our journal's editorial board diligently evaluates each submission, actively seeking original, innovative, substantial, methodologically robust, and lucid manuscripts. Only works that meet these stringent criteria earn a place in our journal's pages.

GJPMH wholeheartedly embraces the ethos of open science by publishing articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). This empowers authors to freely disseminate their work with appropriate attribution, fostering broader knowledge sharing and encouraging collaborative endeavors among researchers.

We enthusiastically welcome submissions of substantial writings that align with our scope, encompassing research articles, comprehensive reviews, illuminating case reports, vivid clinical images, concise communications, succinct mini-reviews, thought-provoking opinions, letters to the editor, and brief notes


Clinical psychology
Cognitive psychology
Behavioral psychology
Developmental psychology
Social psychology
Abnormal psychology
Educational psychology
Industrial-organizational psychology
Positive psychology
Forensic psychology
Health psychology
Personality psychology
Cross-cultural psychology
Evolutionary psychology
Child psychology
Adolescent psychology
Adult psychology
Geriatric psychology
Experimental psychology
Applied psychology
Sports psychology
Educational assessment and measurement
Psychological research methods
Human development
Psychological assessment
Motivation and emotion
Stress and coping
Mental health disorders
Psychological interventions
Family psychology
Gender and sexuality studies
Cultural psychology