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Journal of International Business Research and Management Studies

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ISSN NO: 1234-5685 | VOLUME: 1 - ISSUE: 1-2024


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Journal of International Business Research and Management Studies

Journal of International Business Research and Management Studies (JIBRMS) is a globally accessible, open-access, and peer-reviewed publication that provides a prominent platform for outstanding research papers across a wide spectrum of Business fields. These content and methodology of a business research journal. Typically, a business research journal includes articles that present new findings, theories, or analyses related to various aspects of business, such as management, marketing, finance, strategy, and organizational behavior.

As for the methodology, it varies depending on the nature of the research being conducted. Common methodologies in business research include quantitative methods (such as surveys, experiments, and statistical analyses) and qualitative methods (such as interviews, case studies, and content analysis). Researchers may also employ mixed methods, combining both quantitative and qualitative approaches for a more comprehensive understanding of the research topic.

Our editors is committed to providing exceptional editorial support, rapid publication, and maximum exposure for your research paper.

Our journal's editorial committee meticulously assesses each submission, actively seeking original, groundbreaking, methodologically rigorous, and well-expressed manuscripts. Only those works that meet these rigorous criteria find their place in our journal.

JIBRMS wholeheartedly embraces the principles of open science by publishing articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). This empowers authors to freely share their research with proper attribution, fostering broader knowledge dissemination and encouraging collaborative efforts among researchers.

We warmly welcome a broad spectrum of submissions that align with our scope, including comprehensive research articles, informative reviews, illuminating case reports, vivid clinical images, concise communications, succinct mini-reviews, thought-provoking opinions, letters to the editor, and succinct notes.


Organizational behavior
Human resource management
Supply chain management
Corporate governance
Business ethics
International business
Decision making
Economic analysis
Consumer behavior
Market research
Risk management
Performance measurement
Corporate social responsibility
Business models
Competitive analysis
Technology adoption
Financial markets
Product development
Strategic planning
Change management
Digital transformation
Workforce diversity
Strategic alliances
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Brand management
Operations management
Financial reporting
Mergers and acquisitions
Entrepreneurial finance
Business innovation
Market segmentation