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Journal of Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

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ISSN NO: 2354-3345 | VOLUME: 1 - ISSUE: 1-2024


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Journal of Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Journal of Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine (JORSM) is a globally accessible, open-access, and peer-reviewed publication that serves as a distinguished platform for exceptional research papers across various domains of Orthopaedic an enormous growth in clinical orthopaedic research, particularly in the fields of traumatology, spinal surgery, joint replacement, sports medicine, musculoskeletal tumour management, hand microsurgery, foot and ankle surgery, paediatric orthopaedic, and orthopaedic rehabilitation. Our editors is committed to providing exceptional editorial support, rapid publication, and maximum exposure for your research paper.

The journal's editorial board rigorously assesses all submissions, seeking originality, novelty, significance, methodological rigor, and clarity. Only manuscripts meeting the highest standards are selected for publication in our journal.

JORSM embraces the principles of open science by releasing articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). This means that authors can freely share their work with proper attribution, promoting wider knowledge dissemination and fostering collaboration among researchers.

We welcome a variety of submission types, including research articles, reviews, case reports, clinical images, short communications, mini-reviews, opinions, letters to the editor, and short notes. We encourage authors to contribute their substantial contributions within the scope of our journal.


Orthopedic surgery
Musculoskeletal disorders
Arthroplasty (e.g.
joint replacement surgery)
Spinal surgery
Sports medicine
Trauma surgery
Orthopedic implants
Rheumatoid arthritis
Tendon and ligament injuries
Pediatric orthopedics
Bone health
Musculoskeletal imaging
Cartilage repair
Minimally invasive surgery
Sports injuries
Orthopedic oncology
Regenerative medicine
Physical therapy
Orthopedic research
Biomaterials in orthopedics
Gait analysis
Joint preservation
Prosthetics and orthotics