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Information for Authors

Editor Guidelines

Biotory Journals accept a variety of content types, including original research articles, reviews, opinions, case studies/series, commentaries, communications, editorials, and letters for publication. Before submitting a manuscript, authors should adhere to the following guidelines

Cover Letter:

A cover letter on institutional/personal letterhead is required for each submission.

Initial Submission:

Send your initial submission to the editorial office. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 to 48 hours after an initial quality screening and suitability check for the journal. Submissions meeting the criteria will proceed to peer review.

Conflicts of Interest:

Authors must disclose any financial, commercial, personal, or career affiliations related to the article. This includes personal viewpoints relevant to the work.

Title Page:

The title page should include the article title, subtitle, list of authors, author affiliations, author order, and contact information. You may also include article type, word count, number of tables, figures, and supplementary information.

Authorship and Correspondence:

Clearly declare each author's contributions to the work. The editorial office will communicate with corresponding authors regarding revisions, but all authors are responsible for the final content.


Craft a concise and informative abstract that summarizes the paper's key aspects, including study context, methods, findings, and conclusions. The abstract should be 100-150 words and should not contain references or citations.

Graphical Abstract:

Consider submitting a graphical abstract, as it can attract more readers. Include a brief description (60-80 words) and submit a high-resolution image in TIFF format as a separate file.


Include 4-8 keywords after the abstract to optimize the article for search engines.


Use abbreviations to enhance readability, but expand them when they first appear in the paper. Abbreviations in the title should also be expanded.


Follow standard conventions for units, drug names, species, and gene references.

Figures and Tables:

Submit figures and tables in separate files in JPEG or TIFF format, with accompanying legends. Do not use scanned or watermarked images with copyrights. If reusing published figures or tables, obtain copyright permission and provide proper citations.


Supplementary data should be in a separate document, cited within the text, and linked on the journal's website.

Funding Sources:

Provide a statement detailing all funding sources used for the research.


Acknowledge individuals who contributed to the study but do not meet authorship criteria, as well as research sponsors.


Cite references in consecutive order to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information.


Content is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY), allowing lawful reuse with proper attribution.

Copyright Transfer:

In case of using previously published content, obtain copyright permissions and provide proper citations.

Retraction Policy:

The journal follows internationally accepted retraction policies for cases of honest errors, flawed methodology, or scientific misconduct. Plagiarized content is retracted immediately.


Corrections for writing, editing, typesetting errors, and table/figure mistakes are published in the subsequent issue.


Authors can submit corrections for errors like units of measurement, strain identification, authorship, and affiliations. All authors should approve these corrections.